Check-in usually takes place between 08:00 and 08:00. 15 and 21. To ensure that we are home on arrival, when booking or by later texting an agreed app. Time.

Payment must be made on arrival.
We accept mobilepay, swipp and cash payment.
Cash is available at vending machines at nearby banks.

A key is provided to the front door and one to the room.
Bed linen, towels and breakfast package are included in the price.
The rooms have been prepared. Departure
The keys handed over must be delivered on the day of departure no later than 10:00. 11.
They are placed in the mailbox at the driveway.
Note there are two places in the mailbox, a hole for letters, (to be key added) and one for advertisements.

The room must be delivered in the same condition as when checking in.

When breakfast is included in the price, the kitchen does not need to be cleared. If, on the other hand, breakfast is not included in the price, leave the kitchen nice and tidy.

You always have to clean up after yourself, so the kitchen is nice for other guests. put any used service on one of the trays. Other meal consumed in the kitchen must be removed and cleaned up.