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  • bed and breakfast odense syd slider 1
    Double room
    From 65 Euro
    pr. night
  • bed and breakfast odense syd slider 2
    Cozy rooms
    close to "Den fynske landsby"


good to know about your stay.

In the area you find 3 small shops with daily groceries.


read more information about it here....

Pizza and other fast-food

Just nearby you can by different kind off fast-food, pizza, hotdog, Mc Donald and so on.


We also have 2 restaurants close to our place. The first one is "Jensens Beefhouse" who has many different prices and good food.

The last one is more exclusive "Sortebro Kro" is very expensive but you are guaranteed a good meal.

Carlslund inn has been restored after a fire. They serve "old-fashioned food"

Public Transportation

Just cross the road, the bus stops from the downtown. About 200 meters from our bed and breakfast we have the bus into downtown.
You can buy a ticket, when you enter the bus
bus time plan



H.C. Andersens Hus
H.C. Andersens childhood home
Fyrtøjet kulturhus for børn
Den Fynske Landsby
Odense Zoo
Bangs Boder 29
Munkemøllestrædet 3-5
Hans Jensens Stræde 21
Sejerskovvej 20
Sdr. Boulevard 306


Hjallese village hall, where they have weddings and others big parties is in a walking distance just a few meters down the street. Park your car at our bed and breakfast and walk to Village hall.

Are you going to Concert in "Den Fynske Landsby" or at Hollufgård. Leave your car, and borrow our bikes.

Golf courses are in a distance of 3 to 10 km. Use the highway and it will take about 10 minutes.


Odense City 5,0 km.
Rosengårdcenteret 5,5 km.
Bilka 5,5 km.
Ikea 5,5 km.
Syddansk universitet 5,0 km.
Odense congress center 6,0 km.


www.legoland.dk 102,0 km.
www.regnskov.dk 174,0 km.
www.odensezoo.dk 3,5 km.
www.egeskov.dk castle 29,0 km.
Odense Universitets Hospital (OUH): 4,0 km.
Syddansk Universitet 3,0 km.
www.egeskov.dk 24,0 km.
Syddansk universitet 5,0 km.
Odense congress center 6,0 km.
Billund lufthavn 105,0 km.
Kastrup lufthavn 163,0 km.